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So when I was little i used to see things ALL the time out of the corner of my eye. I always thought they were unknowm beings or mystical things. It stopped eventually. Now its happening again, and with a vengence!! All the time! Several times a day. My first thought was i was going crazy, the next that I had a brain tummor. I then thought it was an issue with my eye and looked up floaters, retnal detatchment, rod and cone issues, and these things called 'webs'. None of that is consistant with what I see. I also found a varitey of ghost websites, and native american and celtic stuff about the 'veil' being lifted and having a sixth sense to see through it into the shadow world. Or that the 6th chakra ( the minds eye in yoga) has been opened. ( I have become a regular yoga enthusist...)

I found this question and answer forum and thought I'd share. It brought me a few laughs anyway.

Q:when you see things moving out of the corner of your eye that aren't actually moving...what does that mean? - Rahsheen ™

~That you need sleep -- or turn off the monitor behind you. ;) - Mona Nomura
~aliens - Rodfather

~It's a common symptom of not getting enough sleep or having a lot of stress. Or both. - Rochelle

~Ghosts. You can only see them in your peripheral vision. They disappear when you look straight at them. - Jason Huebel

~Your stalker needs practice. - Kevin Johnson

~For me, it's usually a damage optic rod. - Anika Malone

~You see dead people? - DGentry

~Sleep deprivation. Or retinal detachment. - Victor Ganata

~Hrm, very interesting responses. Maybe I'm more stressed than I think...or ~I'm just not sleeping enough. I think I'll go with the latter. It doesn't really happen except at night while I'm trying to keep up with you guys, though ;) - Rahsheen ™

~Weak points in the spacetime continuum of the multiverse. Or the Matrix is glitching again. - Alan Jackson

~Bad acid. - Jack Carlson

~Read Stephen King's Insomnia. People start getting stuff like that :) - Alisha Vargas

~Do you have a lot of floaters in your eyes? Everyone has little squiggles that they can only see out of the corner of their eyes, when look straight at them they move, so you can't get a good look at them. Notice mine more when I'm sleeping and not focusing as well. - Alisha Vargas

~I DID read Insomnia, but I'm a little fuzzy. The things moving in the corners of your vision are fairies bringing you gold, right? - Rahsheen ™

~the DT's. :) - Adam Turetzky

~Jason is right. - jlt-Janet

~It's Gremlins. - Brome

~@Rahsheen ™ :D I wish. Why are there never any nice good fairies that bring gold? Only evil faeries :( - Alisha Vargas

~FriendFeed real-time syndrome. Your eye expects everything to move now just like FriendFeed. - Jesse Stay

~Stop Drinking. - Lynne d Johnson

~It happens to me all of the time. And it's always because of my lack of sleep. I work during the night, but want to be awake during most of the day. I am so used to it these days. -_- - Danny Minick

~Dimensional shift in the time-space continuum. Perfectly normal. - Steven Perez
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This idiot in my class wrote this about the group paper I did:

I do not want to cause any problems by commenting on this paper, but it is very apparent that the documentation is beyond extreme, it is the wildest thing I have ever seen. It seems as if the introduction of the paper is a list of quoted definitions straight out of the book. One after another you see stone cold facts with no natural opinion from the writers . A psychologist does not try to understand how the brain works, I am pretty sure he or she has a medical degree that back up the fact that they are certified doctors. It would be more exciting to reread my text book!

The second half of the paper has some opinion from the author, integrating his or hers own insight into the work, but you can tell that the person who put the papers together used their poor documentation skills to add to the mess of work.

My Response:
This is because it is a professional scientific college paper, in which it is considered inappropriate to use the terms "I", "you", "we", "us", or "me". Such personalization is only acceptable for a paper in which you are giving personal account or personal opinion. In a research paper you have no professional experience with the subject and therefore unable to give an opinion, which is why its called research.

Excuse me? Poor documentation skills? Any sentence in which you state information that you, personally did not know before reading the source needs to be cited. They are not 'quotes'. Its stating that while I reworded the information in my own words, the information I used was not my own.

Anyway..what's with that line "A psychologist does not try to understand how the brain works, I am pretty sure he or she has a medical degree that back up the fact that they are certified doctors." Does not try to understand how the brain works????? Are you kidding me? Is psychology!!

I will also note, that this idiot commented on the paper I posted in my last entry, stating that it was the "best introduction he'd read so far". I guess the fact that there is no sentence structure is a good quality!! AHHH he makes me so mad!
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So In psych we had to all write and individual paper on a given topic, and then join up with members of a given group with similar topics to create one big paper. The papers were then posted in our class discussion board and we are to critic the other groups' papers. The following paper sums up what I have to deal with at J.Sarg on a daily basis..... ( and why I had to spend a few hours rewriting the rest of my groups parts of our paper)

THIS IS A College PAPER?Collapse )
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I'm sorry but this journal is FRIENDS ONLY !!!

If you wish to read it leave a comment, and if I know and like you, you just might be privy to the delightful drama of my life 0_~.

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